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This site was conceived on Friday, September 8th after a comment on a LinkedIn post. We registered the domain on Friday, set up a Word Press site on Monday and now we are live.

Let’s explore what ‘convert demand‘ means in the context of B2B sales. Here is one definition:

Demand conversion is the stage when you take high-intent leads that have expressed an interest in your offering and progress them through your sales cycle and pipeline. (From this site)


The “convert demand” stage typically refers to the process of turning potential interest or need from prospective customers into actual sales or subscriptions of software offerings. This involves a range of activities and strategies aimed at guiding potential customers through the purchasing journey and motivating them to make a decision.

This blog will dive deeper into the overlap of effective website design and implementation and demand conversion. We will create our own posts and have experts in the field (who are likely our existing or former customers) write articles sharing their knowledge and expertise.

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AtreNet CEO, builds products, curious how things work, on the journey to be a better marketer.

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