B2B Marketing Terms and TLAs

Welcome to the B2B Terms and TLAs Glossary. We will list all the B2B terms and Three Letter Acronyms (TLAs) that are used on this site and across the B2B marketing and website design world (and maybe more)

TLA – Three Letter Acronym – The King of TLAs is TLA

B2B terms and TLAs
B2B Terms and TLAs Are Here

ARR – Annual Recurring Revenue

B2B – Business to Business

BOF – Bottom of the Funnel

CAC – Customer Acquisition Cost

CMS – Content Management System

CRM – Customer Relationship Marketing

CTA – Call To Action

CTR – Click-through Rate

GTM – Two meanings?!

KPI – Key Performance Metrics

LTV – LifeTime Value of a customer

MRR – Monthly Recurring Revenue

MOF – Middle of the Funnel

MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead

NPS – Net Promoter Score

PGC – Prompt Generated Content

PPC – Price Per Conversion

RFP – Request For Proposal

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SQL – Sales Qualified Lead and/or Structured Query Language

TOF – Top of the Funnel

UGC – User Generated Content

WOM – Word of Mouth

Do you know of any other B2B terms or TLAs that we are missing? Do you think we should expand to a complete glossary and not just TLAs?

Here is another B2B glossary, without focus on the TLA